640x386_10968_Agraphur_of_Turan_2d_fantasy_landscape_ancient_city_architecture_picture_image_digital_art.jpgA hundred years have passed since a group of heroes stopped the mad designs of the Gods of the Void. To battle to these mad gods the heroes turned to weapons of equal strength. The gods of the their universe, but not just those that were currently worshiped. No, but all the gods, gods, that had been forgotten, gods that had retreated to heal the original war of the gods, even a few gods that were yet to be known. In fact every available god, save one, Asmodeus, lent their strength, and arose victorious.

But as with all victories, it came with a cost. Many gods were destroyed, some lost to the void, others were killed by rivals shortly after the victory. The pantheons were in chaos, until two gods arose as supreme, Erathis goddess of civilization and Asmodeus god of tyranny and evil. While those two are currently held in highest, they are not the only gods worshiped, in all cities can you find temples and shrines to other deities.

This is the world that our heroes find themselves in. Each one holding some sort of allegiance to one of several great families/clans/organizations. All called upon to aid the holy city of Erathis, Shalhai, city of cities which is preparing for the most holy of nights to Erathis. Having the single most powerful city in debt to anyone is a great prize in deed.

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Ghosts of the Oceans